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How to Use

  • Disposable .3mL Original :  simply inhale! Battery activated via inhale draw.
  • .5mL and 1mL cartridges : pair them with a CCell m3 airflow stick battery by mating together cartridge and battery. gently twist cartridge clockwise until seated onto battery. Fully locked for dense hits, loosen slightly for airflow adjustment. 
  • For CCell PALM batteries, remember to mate the magnetic collar, on the bottom of cartridges prior to docking onto the Palm battery via magnetics. 
  • RedPhi cartridges are all 510 threaded, and best used with OEM CCell batteries. If a Ccell battery is not available, please substitute a battery that is "AIR FLOW ACTIVATED." Identified, by a hole, in the top of the battery negative terminal post.  If the top seat of the negative post is without a hole, do not use, cartridge will not function properly and burn. 
  • Cartridges operate best between 3.8-4.2V. Do not pair Redphi cartridges onto a generic e-cig "mod" battery. 

Storage and Care

  • Optimal Storage Use - When storing for later use, always remember to keep vapes in a cool environment, away from heat and light. Temperatures over 78F can cause internal pressure changes, which can damage the seals. 
  • If storing in a cold environment (fridge), make sure to place vape carts in a humidity free enclosure, prior to cooling, once ready, let it come down to room temperature prior to engaging battery. 

Leaks and errors

  • Don't worry, we've got you covered. 
  • RedPhi has a no hassle exchange policy with our retailers. Please visit the location of original purchase, and they will help you out, at no cost to you. Please make sure the consumer, provides 3 photos. 1 of the failing area, 1, of the bottom cartridge to ensure batch ID, and 1 on the original packaging to pair batch ID to hardware error.
  • However, consumers - please provide photos as errors, do occur, to aid us in documentation in quality control. This assures all operating ends identify and fix issues, quickly and EFFICIENTLY. 
  • As an ever evolving company, we are always working to improve our design and reliability. 
  • Clogged Vapes - Redphi recommends, when inhaling, to remember to carb your mouthpiece (ceramic tip), with a gentle inhale, after vape inhalation occurs. This allows any free vapors to clear the mouthpiece and valve area, keeping airflow uniform and consistent. 

Certificates of Analysis. Category 2, full panel testing

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