RedPhi Strain Identifier

Yellow Sativa Asset 1@33.33x copy.png

SATIVA - Energy

Great for inspiring creativity, and day time use. Often carries citrus overtones to awaken the senses. 

Orange Hybrid Asset 1@33.33x copy.png

HYBRID - Balance

Sharing the best between Sativa and Indica, Hybrids are complex, yet offer a delicate story inside their flavor profile. 

Red Indica Asset 1@33.33x.png

INDICA - Relax

Slow down and relax, and pair your worries away. Many times associated with musk, earthy, diesel, and berry like profiles. 

Blue CBD Asset 1@33.33x.png

CBD 1:1 - Relief

AC/DC cannabis derived 1:1 -CBD offers a slower onset and longer duration, as CBD acts as a neuro-regulator, acting as a valve, regulating the rate up THC uptake. CBD-G levels help with body homeostasis, and wellness. 

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