True Flower Derived AC/DC CBD 1:1

Whats the meaning of all this anyway? 

Terpenes are the compounds found on the raw flower, that is responsible, for the unique smell, we identify per strain. These terpenes, when in combination with THC, curate an entourage effect, where the THC's effects are widened, opening up a pathway to wellness, that suits an in individuals persona, and temperament. 

The market currently groups Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids, as a way to create 3 SKU's out of 1 - when in reality, all cannabis started with 1 strain. Which became 2, then 4,6,X. 

In general, Sativas, are identified by citrus notes, that help with keeping the mind focused. For this post, I will keep the specifics out of terpenes, for the next post, which will hone more into the backround of the individual components of the terpenes, and how each, affect the human system, based on an wellness approach. 

Coming back to indicas - typically squat little plants, these usually are grouped into the "night time" use category, but are typically associated with the gassy, earthy, musky notes found in alot of the heavy indica strains. Which terpenes found in indicas again will be discussed on the next post where we dive deep into what an actual strain terpene does, and how each unique one, has its own respective effect. 

Hybrids - are a mixture of two, merging an offspring from the breeding of a sativa and hybrid type flower, to produce something different, having notes of all sativas and indicas. The ratio of how the end particular terpenes is an art itself, being able to prepare for a set of flowers, to cross breed, and have the insight into understanding if i combine certain desirable sets of flowers, the offspring will be an even more beautiful version, of the original. 

CBD - I am a true believer in cannabis derived CBD, in the 1:1 ratio, when using it for anxiety purposes. However, one must understand, for a non consumer, the 1:1 will create that euphoria, or head change, that some may not prefer, depending on the goal of CBD's use. 

Ive seen amazing outcomes with CBD testing, where the brain does in fact, calm, when utilized the right way. Currently the market seems obsessed with CBD, and i urge the market, to reconsider against the hype behind hemp derived CBD, as there is a certain spectrum of CBD-G only found in cannabis derived cbd that must be recaptured, to truly benefit from the benefits of CBD as the neuroprotector and a wellness product. 

What are your thoughts about terpenes?