What is SCFE C02?



Wide Spectrum Clear Distillates

What exactly is SCFE C02 and why is it special?

SCFE C02 is an extraction process that uses pressure ranges to change the behavior of ordinary C02 gas into a liquid, and its changing ability to act as a solvent, of different strengths. 

The solvency behind C02 and its pressure changes are very precise allowing for targeted compound isolation during the material run, based on pressure, polarity, and molecular affinity. 

C02 is very selective when used correctly, and can pull out the full THC + CBx spectrum in addition to deriving natural terpenes off the plant. By starting with fully cured material, we ensure the tricomb heads and glands have reached their maximum bioavailability, which is then isolated, formulated with its original terpenes, and lost terps reintroduced to compliment the authentic raw flower’s profile. This wide spectrum blend, is the cooperation between chemicals within the cannabis plant in our oils and the driver behind the unique mental and physical effects that can’t be achieved, by taking the pieces individually. This is the entourage effect that individuals associate to raw flower cannabis, and what makes RedPhi, able to create a customizable oil, in terms of cannabinoid content. 


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