Trust, Safety, Assurance. BAS Infused™

BAS Infused™

RedPhi™ is proudly BAS Infused™.

What does this mean anyway, when we have a 3rd party that the state requires, like (CW, SC Labs) tests anyway? Well, i hope to clarify.

A 3rd party lab, like CW, SC tests based on the approach of what the state wants, and so we must follow their protocol. However, on the front end, we assure the seal of BAS INFUSED™ in our products, because it allows, a proactive approach when creating product. Rather than wait till the end to test. Reason being, if we test and catch a variance before processing, we can identify the root of the issue and fix it. we like to start with clean product, to ensure, clean and compliant product enters the marketplace.

Every part during processing, is tested, for variance. From the C02 used, ET-OH, all the way down to the terpenes.

bas infused, is a seal, assuring we have documented proof of tests during manufacturing for best practices.

This quadruple seal certainly lets us rest easy, and the end consumer : affirms a consistent, reliable, and dosage accurate product.

This is a seal of assurance, trust, and consistency.

after distillation, more tests are conducted, where just the distilled oil is tested, Then again after formulation, where it is RnD tested for overall uniformity and end potency for ACCURACY of the end product.

We then test the formulated RnD tests, against a CA necessary Compliant Test, INSIDE our vape pens to ensure, uniformity is achieved, and safety standards are maintained.

Too many steps? you bet. we're confident, and so is the seal behind BAS Infused™. 

This means, every part the oil touches, is documented and verified clean, including MANUFACTURING. A Cat 2 test simply tests the OILS are clean, but how about the whole entire process?

Thats the difference.

BAS Infused, and RedPhi™ Group has got you covered.