CRP Packaging

Whats the Deal with Exit Bags?

Currently, the state has mandated all products are packaged in CRP, or child resistant packaging. However, they have added a bill that may "reinstate exit bags" , pushing the liability to the end retailer, to provide for CRP packaging. 

Problem - What happens if non CRP packaged products are removed from the original exit bag, and falls into the wrong hands?

Solution - Well, lets play it safe. If we are to ensure we are compliant all around, even with changing regulations that drop weekly, we are 100% CRP.

How come your packaging product is opaque?

Light inherently degrades THC, and this is why we have our bags 100% opaque, ready for retail in any ordinance, ours included, that state "even vape pens must be in opaque pens." This ensures, the potency stays as potent as possible without any light degradation, assuming the end retailer stores oils cool.